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*All services are virtual and offered to residents in Georgia at this time*

Lisa implements effective psychotherapy methods to instill self-understanding among clients and their family members to promote recovery, growth, and healing.  All sessions are in a virtual setting at this time and telehealth is the only option available for services.  Lisa utilizes HIPAA compliant platforms for confidentiality.



In our therapy sessions, we will work together on processing any struggles you might be going through.   The first session will consist of an assessment to get to know you better and set some goals for therapy.  During individual sessions it is a time to process and explore difficult emotions in a safe place.  I am truly honored my clients choose to share their stories with me and I am truly grateful to support them on that journey.  Please feel free to contact me about setting up an appointment or to learn more about services.  

Image by Danielle MacInnes


There is so much healing that can take place when we feel understood and part of a group with members who understand similar struggles. Connecting with others in a group setting to work through various challenges provides a different type of support.  Utilizing a virtual platform allows for flexibility and safety to connect with others and engage in additional emotional support.  Contact me to learn more about current groups!



When coping with disordered eating patterns or in recovery from an eating disorder, guidance and support through meals is beneficial in that process.  I offer individual meal support sessions as well as group meal support sessions followed by psycho-education.  Depending on level of care needed will determine the type of meal support needed.  Contact me for more details!

Mother and Son


Currently offering caregiver support sessions.  This is an opportunity for parents or caregivers who are helping a family member in treatment or recovery from an eating disorder.  

During our time we will focus on how to support a loved one in treatment while also caring for yourself.  This will be a time to learn about eating disorders, treatment types, and to assist you in answering questions you have about the process. 

A few of the main concepts I introduce include emotion focused therapy techniques and family based interventions for treatment. 


Contact me today to schedule a personal consultation.

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